Filmmaking in Malta

Malta has built a reputation as the Mediterranean’s mini-Hollywood.

Daniel Rosenthal, Journalist
The Times of London (April 2002)

Malta is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most versatile filming locations, with its mild winters and hot summers, this archipelago of islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) makes outdoor filming possible nearly all year round and with its spectacular architectural backdrops, of Baroque Valletta, The Silent City of Mdina, The 3 cities of Cottonera and the traditional picturesque country and sea-side villages, the student is provided with a myriad of possible locations to choose from, all with their perfect backdrop, just like it did for major Blockbuster movies that have recognised this potential; to mention a few – Troy, Devil’s Double, Cut throat Island, Midnight Express, Open Water 2, Gladiator, pieces from the Da Vinci code, Game of Thrones and World War Z.

The Whale - 2013You just can’t find places like this in the UK and it’s difficult to act plausibly in front of a green screen… …Malta delivers all these amazing locations that only add to the atmosphere of the film.


Jonas Armstrong, Actor
The Whale (2013)

Agora - 2009Malta provided the best possible location for a film like Agora. The period backdrops, the climate, the quality English speaking crews and the wonderful possibilities of the casting and extras together with Malta being part of the EU, have made our lives easier.

Fernando Bovaira, Producer
Agora (2009)

Munich 2005Malta has this kind of Mediterranean hodgepodge of culture where we could find areas that look like southern European locations in one spot and areas that look like Israel or Beirut in another.


Rick Carter, Production Designer
Munich (2005)

The Count of Monte Cristo - 2002I was pretty sceptical that we were going to find anything even approaching the look we needed, until we saw Malta.



Kevin Reynolds, Director
The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)


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