Digital VFX Compositing Module

VFXCourse Overview

This course will introduce you to the art of Digital Composting and Digital Special Effects creating invisible effects that make the impossible, possible, in a believable new cinematic space.

In addition to gaining professional skills in the area of compositing and digital effects, participants are encouraged to experiment with new and creative approaches to this rapidly expanding art form.

Compositing – 3 Weeks

  1. Understanding Workflows
  2. Importing & Organising Assets
  3. Timeline & Key Frames
  4. Parenting and Nesting
  1. Working with Text
  2. Effects, Presets & Adjustment Layers
  3. Using Expressions
  4. Effective Motion Tracking
  1. Color & Light
  2. Basic Sky Replacement
  3. Muzzle Flashes, Fire & Explosions
  4. Fog, Smoke and Mist

Courseware is a mix of classroom lessons, compositing work, assignments & a final course project.

Digital VFX Compositing – Course Hours Breakdown:

School Hours:
06 Hrs. Contact (Theoretical – with Tutor)
30 Hrs. HandsOn (Practical – with Tutor)

Extra Hours:
15 Hrs. Self Study (Assignments)
30 Hrs. Assessment (Course Project)

81 Hrs. Total Course Hours

Starting Date Option 1: 26th June 2017 – 700

Starting Date Option 2: 8th January 2018 – 700

Starting Date Option 3: 2nd July 2018 – 750

Classes: 4 Days/Week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Time:  10:00-13:00

Open to anyone 18yrs + and courses are delivered in English. Students are required to provide their own laptop.

All classes have a participation of a maximum of 6 students, to guarantee individual attention.

Tutors are available on phone & online to provide 24/7 support.

Participants are encouraged to assist on other HandsOn Malta Student’s film productions as a member of their crew, providing everyone with extensive on set experience.

Participants are given the opportunity to enhance their portfolio by participating and delivering on commercial projects. (T&Cs apply)

Professional Equipment will be provided by the School for the duration of the course.

No other fees.

Booking & More Info:

If you would like further information on how to secure your place for this course, please fill out your details below. Our Admissions team will soon be in touch and can take you through the study and accommodation options available to you.