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Latest equipment available from MaltaRent... We had a short go at these beauties yesterday... Highly Recommended! added 3 new photos — with Tanvir Ahmad and 11 others.6 months ago

Behind the Scenes Photos whilst filming The Short Movie - Foreign Apetite @ Tigne Beach is with Ifat Tarekur and 11 others.7 months ago

It´s a wrap ... Successful shoot today, a big well done to all added 2 new photos — with Al Amin and 2 others.10 months ago

Team Eastern Dragons on location class preparing for their first micro film added 2 new photos — with Kabir Sikder and 6 others.10 months ago

First classes starting with Tilt, Pan & Focus
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Another Class Assignment from The Advanced Light Module
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Summon the Light Demon, is the final class assignment for the Advanced Light Program - Produced, filmed & featuring, the film students - Adam Varga Asya Zuyeva Sushil Jakhwal Didi Lobe Matthew Debono
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Yesterday's class assignment 'GO Wild' from the Advanced Light Module. Learning Light Gels & Lens Filters. Featuring the film students, as themselves Adam Varga Sushil Jakhwal Matthew Debono Didi Lobe & Asya Zuyeva
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3 hours to set up a 6 point light + 1hour of filming + 1 hour in post = 38 seconds of Master Footage - An update from The Advanced Lighting Module ... Enjoy added 8 new photos.1 year ago Students experimenting with the 2 & 3 Point Lighting during the 3 week Advanced Light Module... more experiments to follow shared Wastology's post.2 years ago

Wastology... or is it?
Congrats to Mirko G. Rauso for the launch of Wastology vlogs. We wish you the best of luck and a lot of followers to enjoy the messages & humor.
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Eeeriee & quite today at the school ... ah yes they are on the Orient Express. Good luck to all HandsOn Filmmakers and best wishes for a smooth shoot to cast, crew & the UPM. shared Cinescopophilia's post.2 years ago
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The Test Footage with the ARRI ALEXA Mini + Cooke Anamorphic Prime lenses, during the & MaltaRent Workshop. Watch in 4k Res for best bitrate.

Sushil Jakhwal Jonathan Backman Matthew Debono Asya Zuyeva Jameson Cucciardi Yüric Allison...
Arri Alexa Mini+Cooke X2 Anamorphic 25mm 50mm 100mm 422 CINEC ProRes422HQ MP4
2K Anamorphic Low Light Indoor Shoot and Workshop with Alexa Mini Open Gate in combination with the Cooke x2 Anamorphic 25mm, 50mm and 100mm @ Handson Malta ... is with MaltaRent and 2 others.2 years ago

Bollywood & Russiawood in Maltawood added 3 new photos — with Marcus Buhl and 8 others.2 years ago

Its a wrap after yesterday's successful workshop, thanks to everybody's input, followed by chill & drink time ... added 2 new photos.2 years ago

Thank you to Jonathan Pyatt & Natalia Krekhtiak. Great talent who always support student productions. Always a pleasure to work with you guys.
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Adam Varga Cool job with a lot of expensive professional filming equipment at MaltaRent
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The full set-up by MaltaRent for today's Workshop using the Cooke Anamorphic Prime Lenses 25mm, 50mm & 100mm on the ARRI Alexa Mini. Photo credits Sushil Jakhwal